Hello world!

For my doctoral thesis I am looking at the characteristics of online graduate students , along with their needs and perceptions of online learning. Why? Because more and more adults are flocking to postsecondary online programs to upgrade and/or advance their knowledge or positions, as well as to engage further in learning (I could say I fit into all 3 categories). As educational leaders, administrators, instructional designers and instructors, simplifying the characteristics and needs of graduate students in academia may not serve us well in the future. One size curriculum and services do not fit all. Whereas, competition, increased online access, and calls from the knowledge society are opening new doors in higher education requiring us to look at the complex field of adult education. Mix in technology and we add other layers of complexity, such as delivering education with technology, considering social networking and learning, and managing technological information literacy skills, etc.  

In my Edmusings blog, I will continue this conversation and upload new ideas, current studies, and resources about online learners in post-secondary. These musings will help build my doctoral work. I invite you to use these resources, share some, and comment on any postings.


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